AAMail Email Settings

New AAmail Email Settings

In November 2022 GSO transferred our email system to a different platform. Old passwords will no longer work. A new password can be requested from the Northern Service Office at admin.northernserviceoffice@gsogb.org.uk. The new login address to access your email online is below. Please note, we are now using GMail, not Roundcube.

Webmail Access Guide

Accessing Email Via an Email Application

You can also access your AAMail via your preferred email application. Set the account up as you would a GMail account. Many applications have wizards to help you set up a GMail account.

Before adding your AAMail account to your device, be sure to delete any previous AAMail accounts, even if they're for the same address.

If you are using a mobile device, you can access your AAMail by downloading the GMail app.


If you have any difficulty setting up your AAMail account, you can contact the ECLO (Electronic Communications Liaison Officer) on the address below.