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Croeso i wefan swyddogol y Rhyng-grŵp o Alcoholigion Anhysbys Swydd Amwythig. Croesewir eich adborth bob amser. Defnyddiwch y ffurflen gyswllt yn y ddewislen i anfon unrhyw adborth neu adrodd am unrhyw wallau.

Problem with Alcohol?

If you think that you may have a problem with alcohol, our local members are looking forward to welcoming you. If you'd like to talk with someone or find out more, please click the button below.


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Intergroup Meetings

Our next Intergroup meeting will be online on:

Thursday 8th August, 2024, 19:30

The deadline for reports will be Thursday 25th July. Reports sent after this time will still be available to the Intergroup but will not reach the groups in time before the meeting.

If you would like to receive notifications of Intergroup meetings and copies of the agendas and minutes, simply sign up to our mail service using the form below.

Intergroup Calendar

Events in green are Intergroup events. Those in red are from the Region calendar.

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AA Service News

The spring edition of AA Service News has just been released. AA Service News is packed with information to help you stay connected and informed about AA. 

Learn about service opportunities: 

AA Service News features articles about different service roles within AA and how you can get involved.

Stay up-to-date on AA news and announcements:

It covers important updates from the GSO and the wider AA community.

Share your experience:

Service News also includes stories from members about their service experiences, offering inspiration and guidance.

Discover resources:

You'll find information about upcoming events, conferences, and helpful AA resources.

Check Out Our History Section & Big Book Study

Dive into our rich history! If you're curious about Alcoholics Anonymous's past, our history section holds a treasure trove of articles brimming with insights. Explore the origins of our fellowship, key figures, and pivotal moments that shaped AA into the supportive fellowship it is today.

And for Big Book fans:

Delve deeper with our Big Book Study Notes section. Organised by chapter, these helpful notes guide you through the book's wisdom, both solo or in a group setting. Bonus: links connect you to relevant historical context within our history section, enriching your understanding as you journey through the Big Book.

Intergroup Convention 2024

Our Intergroup convention will be at The Salvation Army, Lion Street, Telford on:

14th September 2024, 09:00 - 16:00

For more information tap the button below to go to the convention website.

The committee are seeking willing members to join the committee and to volunteer on the day. If you'd like to volunteer, please get in touch by using the contact form on the convention website.

Welsh National Convention 2024

The Welsh National Convention 2024 will be held at the Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells, Powys on:

31st May 2024 - 2nd June 2024

Hit the button below to go to the convention home page and download the flyer.

The committee are seeking willing members to join the committee and to volunteer on the day. If you'd like to volunteer, please get in touch by using the contact form in the menu.

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75th Anniversary Video - Gratitude in Action

Young Persons' Video

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